How to crouch and take cover in GTA Online and GTA V

Don’t get shot.

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Image via Rockstar Games

Everyone wants to be the Terminator in GTA Online, but it makes a lot more sense to learn how to crouch and take cover. If you want to survive the various missions, Heists, and gunfights with other players, they will be important skills to know.

The first thing you will need is something to take cover behind. The GTA cover system means that any object you are near will potentially act as cover, but remember that some of them can be destroyed, so don’t get too comfortable in any one position. When you are close to a wall, fence, crate, or car, you can hit the following buttons to take cover.

  • PC – Q
  • PlayStation 4 – R1
  • Xbox One – RB

While you are in cover, your character will automatically crouch as needed to try and keep themselves fully hidden. You can then peek from behind cover by holding the left trigger on consoles, or the right mouse button on PC. This will allow you to aim your weapon at enemies but can leave you open to getting hit by enemy fire. Pop out of cover, take some shots, then duck back into cover again. Make sure you never stop to reload while you are exposed and save any reloading until you are fully in cover.

To leave cover, hit the Q, R1, or RB buttons again, and your character will snap out of cover. It can be a little awkward sometimes, as your character has a habit of reorientating themselves to get behind cover, but you will get used to that pretty quickly.