How to customize your freighter in No Man’s Sky

Pick your favorite colors.

Image via Hello Games

You can now modify the colors of your freighter in No Man’s Sky following the addition of update 2.6, Desolation. The feature releases alongside derelict freighters, which you can find all over the galaxy, with one being available in every solar system. You can find these abandoned vessels by speaking to a scrap dealer on the solar system’s space station or locating it yourself, which is significantly more difficult. To modify the appearance of your ship, you need to visit your vessel’s upgrade station.

To enable the freighter’s customizing feature, go to the upgrade panel on your ship on the bridge. You then want to visit the area where you can unlock new technology, and then go to the section where you can open new colors for your ship. The colors cost 5,000 nanites to unlock, but after you unlock it, you can readily access it whenever you want to change the colors. It does not cost nanites to switch colors that you have already purchased for your freighter.

The derelict ships also contain technology you want to investigate where you can expand your ship’s inventory size. To obtain this technology, you need to find one of the many derelict vessels added to the Desolation update. When you board the abandoned freighter, prepare to defend yourself against alien and AI technology as you wander through the ship. While there’s a wealth of resources and rewards for you inside, you want to make sure you are well prepared and have plenty of shields protecting you.