How to defeat Blademasters in Halo Infinite

No more hiding.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Halo Infinite, the Banished will be putting up quite the fight against Master Chief as he works to reinstall UNSC forces on Zeta Halo. Along the way, you will fight various enemies and might run into some variants that you find particularly challenging. Blademasters are Elite enemies that carry Energy Swords but also go invisible and can strike you without you seeing them. Usually, they have white armor that sets them apart from other Elites. Here is how to defeat them.

When you run into a Blademaster or two, an important thing to remember is that they are standard Elites and will have the same health as them at the end of the day. The challenging part is finding them and getting the damage in before they get too close to you.

The best way to take out a Blademaster will be to use grenades and headshots in most situations. If you have a Sniper, you can instantly take them out before starting a fight with them and giving them the chance to go invisible. Otherwise, try and stick them with a Plasma Grenade and have a weapon ready to fire if you miss. Dynamos are great for when they go invisible because you can throw one out, and it will arc towards their location. If you have a vehicle, Wasps are always out of their reach, and Ghosts, quickly create distance while laying down fire.

If you are dealing with multiple Blademasters, we recommend always staying on the move. Even when they are invisible, you can slightly make out their movements as they get closer. Put a shot or two into them to reveal them, but keep out of slashing distance at all times. Focus on one at a time, and you will eventually come out victorious.