How to defeat enemies using counter attacks in Marvel’s Avengers

Give the enemy a returning attack.

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Even though you play a superhero in Marvel’s Avengers, when an enemy takes a swing at you it hurts. You can only block so many attacks until you need to go out of your way to locate health, or they take you out. An alternative to dodging or blocking attacks is to counter them. You can do this when you see an enemy’s blue or yellow indicator above their head when they take a swing at you.

The blue and yellow indicator gives you a warning that you need to hit the block button. Timing this accurately to happen right before being hit is critical because if you go too early you only block the attack, and if you go too late, your hero takes the full hit. Hitting the block button at the correct time causes the enemy to stumble backward and there’s a clear indication that they nailed the counter.

To defeat an enemy using a counter attack you want to land a few hits against them first. You want to stick to landing light attacks against them. After you lower their health to nearly knocking them out, but not quite, take a step back and wait for them to come in with the attack. Wait for that indicator and then give them a retaliation strike with your counter, knocking them back and taking them out. It may take you a few times to master the counter timing. Give it some practice and feel free to try it out in the HARM room.