How to defeat Matilda K. Rose aka Sasquatch in Cyberpunk 2077 – I Walk The Line

It ain’t easy.

Cyberpunk 2077

Matilda K. Rose, aka Sasquatch, is a boss fight that you will run into during the “I Walk The Line” mission in Cyberpunk 2077. She is a big lady, and she will be pretty intent on smashing your face in with a hammer. Or just punching it off your skull.

She is incredibly tough, hits like a truck, and unless you do something very specific, she will not take any damage that she cannot pretty much instantly heal. Sasquatch has some pretty heady-duty implants, and one of those lets her eat any damage that you dish out like it is a freshly made tub of popcorn.

You will want to start the fight by scanning her, giving you an idea as to her weaknesses, which are limited. If you are a high enough level, you can reboot her optics, giving you an important window to break the piece of purple cyberware she has on her back. If you have dumped lots of experience into hacking, you might even be able to shut down her cyberware that way, but that is not an option we could explore, or even confirm at this time.

This looks almost like a gem or a crystal, and you need to smash it early as this is what heals her. You can be sneaky, and just hide until she turns away from you, then dump as much damage into it as possible. The tactic we used was letting her swing her massive hammer at us, and then rapidly dodging away while we were standing near some furniture in the room. This is a bit of a cheese, as it seems to momentarily break her AI and gives you time to get around behind her and unload on her with your weapon of choice. We used a particuarly chunky revolver to break the purple cyberware and after that it was all about dodging her attacks while damaging into her.

She is still a tough fight, with a massive health pool, but at least it does instantly heal from damage any more. About halfway through the fight, she can tackle you and try to install some virus into you, but your own allies will fight those efforts buying you time to finish the fight.

If you have any weapons that do fire damage, they are a great option. Shotguns reload a little too slow for this fight, as she moves fast. We used a precision rifle that does damage over time, a Sniper Rifle to get that intitial burst of damage into the purple crystal, with a hard hitting revolver to finish her off.