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How to defeat The Crimson Dread in God of War Ragnarok

The Crimson Terror itself.

God of War Ragnarok has a lot of optional bosses for Kratos to take in his journey across the Nine Realms. From alpha monsters to stone-cold warriors, all of these optional bosses vary by their strength, abilities, and their attacks. One of the bosses Kratos can meet is The Crimson Dread, a large dragon that is wickedly fast as well as deadly. You will encounter this boss during the side quest For Vanaheim, where you have to find Birgir. Here is how you can defeat The Crimson Dread in God of War Ragnarok.

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The Crimson Dread Guide- Tips and Tricks

The first thing to know about the Crimson Dread is that it is very quick in its attacks and movement. You need to be careful with your timing as one missed opportunity can be lethal. Using the Draupnir Spear and the Leviathan Axe is recommended as they do great in mid and long-range, which is how this dragon normally attacks.

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Initially, The Crimson Dread goes for large bites which can be parried. During this time go for a light attack combo and finish off with that heavy attack. Use both the Sigil and Sonic arrows, although Sigil does do a bit more damage. Additionally, use your companion’s special ability as well to take quite a chunk out of the dragon’s health. It will also do lunges that are unblockable so it’s best to dodge them as well.

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After losing the first two bars of his health, the dragon will fly and attack from above. It will breathe fire as well as try to claw down Kratos. You can try to take it out from the air with the help of the Draupnir Spear and it will quickly fall to the ground. This is a key moment to attack as it remains still for quite some time. Use all your runic attacks, Relic and Spartan Rage if possible. The goal is to fill up his stun meter and make it lose a large amount of health.

The Crimson Dread also goes for unblockable fire-breathing attacks. You’ll have to dodge these too but there is a small window where you can aim for its exposed glowing neck, which is its weak point. Here, the Draupnir Spear is particularly useful. It will then follow with more large bites and lunges with the occasional attack from above. Heavy attacks along with the arrows will do some much-needed damage during this time.

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Continue with the methods above and the dragon’s health will be completely depleted. After that, you can use the Finisher to finally defeat it. The rewards for defeating include Dragon Claws, Frozen Flame, and the Vanaheim’s Fortitude Amulet Enchantment.

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