How to defeat Vali the Oath Guard in God of War Ragnarok

The mighty Traveler in The Crater.

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God of War Ragnarok has a variety of optional bosses for Kratos to take on when not focusing on stopping mighty gods. One type of boss Kratos will surely encounter are the Travelers, mighty warriors who follow a secret moral code that indicates glory for them in Jotunheim. A Traveler you’ll meet on your journey across the Nine Realms is Vali the Oath Guard. Here is how you can defeat Vali the Oath Guard in God of War Ragnarok.

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Vali the Oath Guard Location- God of War Ragnarok

To find Vali the Oath Guard you will have to travel to The Crater in God of War Ragnarok. They are located in The Plains in the northernmost part of The Crater. They can be encountered during the ‘For Vanaheim’ side quest which tasks you with finding and saving Birgir, another Traveler.

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When you reach The Plains, you will notice a chest at the far end. That is essentially the location of the boss fight.

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Approaching that chest will bring out two extremely dangerous Shadows. Quickly take them out and afterward, Vali will appear and the fight will start.

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Vali the Oath Guard Guide- Tips and Tricks

Like every other Traveler, Vali is slow but deadly. They wield a two-handed sword that does a serious amount of damage and has magical abilities too. For this encounter specifically, the Draupnir Spear is a great weapon because it does a great job attacking from both long and mid-range.

Vali’s initial attack is the slow sword swings which are a great advantage to Kratos because these can be easily parried and dodged. During this time, use the light runic attacks along with the Relics to damage Vali. The focus should be on filling up his stun bar which will make him lose a lot of his health. Sigil Arrows are also useful to use during these initial stages.

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Later on, Vali also has unblockable heavy slam attacks and swings which are deadly if you come in contact with them. The safest route here is to dodge them and use Sigil Arrows to do some minimal damage. He also sometimes thrust his sword into the ground to release a wave of magical energy. Dodging is also the best option here.

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They generally switch between blockable and unblockable attacks so you’ll have to time your moves carefully. Another attack that you should be particularly aware of his is a magical energy attack. During this time, he raises a skull which he then thrusts into the ground to release a wave of magical energy to the entire area.

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After he does this attack, there is a small window where he will slow down and during that time you can use the heavy runic attack of any weapon, although the Draupnir Spear is preferable, along with the Spartan Rage. The Spartan Rage can be used earlier but using it with the heavy runic attack after his magical energy wave does a ton of damage to him.

Continue following the same methods, and his health will be completely depleted. Then use the Finisher to finally kill him. The rewards for defeating him include the ”’The Path of Lies” Lore Scroll.