How to delete a Roblox account

Accounts are forever.


Image via Roblox Corporation

Roblox is a system where players can readily create and publish various games, all dependent on their creativity. You can create an account on the game and load into any game readily available on these servers. Roblox consistently has updates to these various games, and new ones pop up, become popular, and become a new community reasonably frequently. For those who prefer to step away from the game, or feel like they no longer wish to interact with it, you may feel the urge to delete your account. Unfortunately, you cannot do this.

Any account created on Roblox will remain available. You cannot delete it. You can choose to stop playing it, and you will likely forget the password or no longer use the e-mail account attached to it sometime in the future. The account will fade to memory, but it will never be genuinely deleted unless Roblox decides it wishes to close its doors and shut down all accounts.

It does allow you to return to the game should you ever feel the urge to pick things up again. You may do it of your violation, or a group of friends may even drag you back into it. Regardless, your account on Roblox will remain there. It won’t ever fade away unless you choose to no longer log into the account.