How To Destroy Caustic’s Traps in Apex Legends

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Things are looking rough in an Apex Legends game when you’re nearing the end of the game, and you have extremely little room to move around. Unfortunately, a member of the other team is a Caustic, the deadly scientist who uses gas to kill his enemies. When you see the enemy team’s Caustic laying down traps, you might start taking more risks than you’re comfortable doing to win the game.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to counter a Caustic in Apex Legends and avoid him trapping you and your squad in a deadly fog.

Understanding Caustic

Before knowing how to destroy your enemy, you need to learn about them.

Let’s focus Caustic’s primary ability, his Nox Gas Traps. These traps look like inflated garbage bags thrown away and forgotten somewhere. However, they hold a deadly surprise inside – if you get too close, they go off and covers a small area with this green gas that damages anyone in it, except for the Caustic’s squad. This green gas does periodic damage over time. Caustic’s ultimate has him throwing a grenade full of this gas, blanketing an entire area of his choosing with it. It makes sense why having Caustic on your team during the late game makes him a powerhouse, whereas during the rest of the game he’s a decent Legend.

Any reasonable Caustic player wants to cover you in their gas as often as possible because it assists them thanks to the Legend’s passive. His passive allows him to see any enemies moving through his gas, so if you believe you’re safe, Caustic definitely knows where you’re at and is probably pinging you for his squadmates to take out.

A Caustic can have six of his Nox Gas Traps down at once. However, he can only hold three in reserve, so if he throws all three down, he has to wait for his ability to go through its cooldown. The cooldown goes through three tiers. A Caustic player can choose to throw down their traps immediately, or wait for the full cooldown and toss all of them down at once. Caustic can pick these traps back up, gaining a tier if their ability is going through the cooldown.

Destroying Caustic’s Gas Traps

Caustic's Trap

When you’re face-to-face with Caustic’s trap, you might feel a little overwhelmed, especially if you’re in the middle of a battle. There are two ways to go about it, though, there’s a better alternative than the standard method.

One way you can deal with these traps is straight up shooting the black bag. When you do this, you do release the gas. You’ll see the area it’s affecting, granting you and your squad access to go around it. However, it’s still a threat if you forget about it or get cornered and are forced to go through it.

The best solution – shoot the red section of the bag, at the bottom. Shooting this disables the trap entirely, ensuring none of the gas gets out and wastes one of Caustic’s ability charges. He won’t be able to recover another one until his cooldown recharges, forcing him to get in closer for the kill. You do have to make sure your aim is true because accidentally setting off the trap might get you and your squadmates into trouble.