How to destroy structures with Propane Tanks in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Destructive potential.


One of the Week 3 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is to destroy structures with Propane Tanks. This is part of TNTina’s Trial, and there is one location in the game that is perfect for this challenge.

The Rig, one of the new points of interest that were added to the game in Season 2, is filled with Propane Tanks. Head for it straight from the Battle Bus, and land on the deck. It’s a good idea to jump into the phone booth to disguise yourself as an enemy, easily allowing you to gather up some Propane Tanks.

The Rig Location

The Propane Tanks are bright red, with yellow writing on the side. You should be aware that a single Propane Tank does not do enough damage to destroy a structure, and you do need to destroy them for this challenge, just damaging them is not enough.

You will need to stack three Propane Tanks in a small area to do enough damage to destroy a structure. So, grab three tanks and bring them somewhere that has a lot of structures close together. The 2 spherical tanks on the main deck are a very good spot to put them. Then, shoot one of them and watch them all explode, destroying the structures around them.

You can find Propane Tanks on other parts of the map, but not in the quantities that they can be found on the Rig. If you would rather finish this somewhere else, use your harvesting tool to reduce the health of the structures you want to destroy, then use the Propane Tank to finish them off.

When you have destroyed 10 structures with Propane Tanks, the challenge will be complete, getting you one step closer to TNTina’s Shadow or Ghost styles.

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