How to destroy Whipped Cream in Pokémon Café Mix

Make the best drinks for every Pokémon customer.


The dollops of whipped cream in Pokémon Café Mix work similarly to the sugar cubes. You need to destroy them to complete the Pokémon drink recipe you’re working on. While they function like sugar cubes, the whipped cream moves around the board, making it harder to nail them down and remove them. The best chance you have to eliminate them using the shortest amount of turns is to bring them to the bottom of the board.

You can bring the whipped cream to the bottom of the board by shaking them around. You will want to do this on your first or second turn, while also connecting the Pokémon with the most heads on the board. If you can bring them to the bottom of your board and receive a Café skill on your first turn, you can generally remove them without too much hassle. It takes three hits from a Pokémon match to delete them, but they go away with only one hit from a Café skill.

Another suitable method to removing them is dragging your Pokémon link through the whipped cream tiles. These tiles shift around, making it easy for you to connect a Pokémon match and pull the completed match through a pile of them at the start. By doing this, and using your Pokémon staff’s Café skills, you should make short work of the whipped cream tiles and earn the most golden acorns for completing the task.