How to dismiss companions in Final Fantasy XIV

Ask your companions to depart from your presence.

You’ll now have the chance for Scions to accompany you while walking around in Final Fantasy XIV. You’ll need to have specific companions with you if you want to progress through the Main Scenario in Endwalker. You may need to dismiss companions if you’re going to walk with specific ones or have multiple following you through your adventure. Here’s what you need to know about dismissing companions in Final Fantasy XIV.

There are several methods you can go to dismiss a companion. A straightforward approach is to fast travel to a different location. Your companion does not appear to follow you when this happens, so you’ll have the chance to pick another companion when you reach a certain point. Additionally, your companion won’t accompany you if you walk into a new area.

The other alternative is to speak with them directly. You can right-click on your companion and choose the ‘Part Ways’ option while talking with them.

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Whenever you dismiss a companion, they’ll return to their predesigned location, and you’ll have the option to speak with them again and offer them to follow you around once again. You can have multiple companions follow you around while completing the Main Scenario, but make sure you speak with the correct one to progress the quests.