How to Disrupt Propaganda at Piccadilly Circus in Watch Dogs: Legions

Going up.

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Image via Ubisoft

Dotted all around London are various propaganda sites that Albion are using to try and convince the people that they boot they can feel on their neck is actually just a comfortable hug. Being DeadSec, you can switch up the messaging to show people the truth.

The Propaganda site at Piccadilly Circus is an interesting one because you need some special equipment to deal with it. You will need a recruit who has access to a Cargo Drone, which you will get as you play through the story.

When you have access to a cargo drone, use it to fly up to the roof, then to the back of the area that is closed in by some fences. You will see a cargo box there, use the drone to lift it out of the way and then dump it on the roof behind you.

Land the Cargo Drone near the space you just made and you will notice a vent has been opened up now that the box is out of the way. If you have a Spiderbot, use it to go inside the event. If you don’t have a Spiderbot, go bac around the front and activate the one in the cage there. Go through the vent, out the back, and jump over the fence on the right to find the entrance to the vent you revealed by moving the box.

Now, all you need to do is head through the vents, out into the cage with the propaganda player, and interact with it to change it. DeadSec strikes again.