How to Do a Perfect Parry in Jedi: Fallen Order


Hitting an enemy is pretty straightforward in Jedi: Fallen Order, but landing the perfect parry takes a bit of practice. While the Empire has legions of troops with blasters, several of them have melee weapons capable of damaging Cal in a close-quarters engagement. If a player can land a perfect parry, they can quickly end a fight.

Players need to be familiar with the LB button. This action is going to bring up Cal’s block, protecting him from taking the full damage of an attack. However, blocking still damages Cal’s stamina bar. If you lose this, you’re going to lower your guard and take time to recover, leaving yourself open to being hit by an enemy.

To get a perfect parry, you need to hit the LB button of your controller right when an enemy attack is coming at them and about to hit Cal. You’ll know you get when an enemy staggers, and the health bar above their head starts to flash between red and green. This means they’ve run of blocking stamina, and stronger enemies are going to have more stamina, requiring players to do this multiple times. While it’s flashing, players can attack the staggered opponent and take them out using a finisher.

Learning the timeframe of an enemy’s attack takes some getting used to and plenty of practice. If you’re not sure how to perfectly parry an attack, hold the LT trigger to block a majority of the hits. You can also get out of the way from opponents by hitting the “B” button Xbox controllers, or by hitting the “O” for a PlayStation 4. You need to do hit this button twice to do a full roll. Hitting it once causes Cal to step out of the way, but he’s still in danger if you get the timing off of an attack.

Practice the parry action whenever you get the chance against opponents because it’s going to become extremely useful when battling stronger bosses later in the game.