How to do Sorties in Warframe

Get some rewards.


Sorties in Warframe are sets of three missions that a player can complete once each day. Sorties have a set rewards table that includes items like Kuva, Endo, Riven Mods, and Boosters. You can only use Level 30 Warframes in Sorties, and each of the individual missions will have a modifier that changes some aspect of the game.

How to get access to Sorties

You can access Sorties through the main navigation menu, as long as you have completed the War Within quest in your Codex. Once you have completed a Sortie mission, you will be able to take part in the same mission again, if you wish, but you will not get any rewards for it from the Sorties reward table.


The three missions that make up the Sortie will scale in difficulty, and you should always carefully read the specific conditions of the missions, to see which modifiers apply. Some can limit energy, or only be playable with certain types of weapons. Others will make enemies tougher, or spawn more Eximus units.

Sortie rewards table

After all three missions are complete, players receive a reward from the below rewards table. All three missions also reward a combined total of 100,000 Credits.

  • Anasa Ayatan Sculpture – Common
  • Riven Mod – Common
  • 4,000x Endo – Uncommon
  • 6,000x Kuva – Uncommon
  • 3-Day Booster – Uncommon
  • Exilus Adapter – Rare
  • Forma – Rare
  • Orokin Catalyst Blueprint – Rare
  • Orokin Reactor Blueprint – Rare
  • Legendary Core – Rare

Sortie missions tend to be longer and more difficult than their standard counterparts, and they do not have rotations the way other missions do. When the target number of waves or objectives is achieved, you simply extract and move on to the next mission.

Sortie modifiers

Augmented Enemy ShieldsEnemies have improved shields.
Augmented Enemy ArmorEnemies have improved armor.
Cryogenic LeakageThe maximum Warframe shield capacity is halved.
Dense FogLimited visibility.
Electromagnetic AnomaliesGravity is reduced and  Magnetic clouds will cover areas of the map.
Enemy Physical EnhancementEnemies will deal additional physical damage and have increased resistance to physical damage.
Enemy Elemental EnhancementEnemies will deal additional elemental damage and have increased resistance to elemental damage.
Energy ReductionMaximum Warframe Energy capacity is quartered, and energy regeneration speed is reduced.
Eximus StrongholdEximus units spawn much more often.
Extreme ColdMobility is significantly impaired.
FireThe maximum Warframe Health amount is halved, and the recovery rate is reduced.
Low GravityGravity is significantly reduced.
Radiation HazardAny physical damage received will also impart  Radiation effects.
Assault Rifle OnlyOnly Assault Rifles can be used.
Melee OnlyOnly Melee weapons can be used.
Secondary OnlyOnly Secondary weapons can be used.
Shotgun OnlyOnly Primary Shotguns can be used.
Sniper OnlyOnly Sniper Rifles can be used.
Bow OnlyOnly Primary Bows can be used.