How to do the Claw and Order quest in Borderlands 3

Time to do an investigation.

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When you live inside a cramped ship like the Sanctuary III in Borderlands 3‘s Revenge of the Cartels, things start to become heated with your fellow residents. Marcus, for example, is feeling a little cautious around Maurice, believing them to be eating passengers on the vessels. Is there truth to his suspicions?

You can start this quest by visiting the terminal to the left of Marcus shop on the Sanctuary III. Approach it, and you should see a picture of Maurice. Accept the quest, and you’ll hear a quick dialogue about Marcus’ thoughts regarding the creature that has taken residence aboard your ship. The first step to the quest has you visiting the casual living area where aboard your ship where you can change you Vault Hunter’s appearance and recover lost loot. On the bar should be an ECHO log you can listen to, which is on your map.


After listening to it, you learn that Maurice was helping another passenger, which Marcus doesn’t believe is what truly happened. The next step is to find some dirt on Maurice. Your next stop is to top floor of your ship on the left side. After reaching this area, look up and to the left on the piping. You should find another ECHO log you need to hear.

ECHO Log 2

Again, after hearing the next ECHO log, it turns out Maurice was attempting to help others. The next piece of dirt you need to find is below you in the hanger. Proceed there, and you can find the next ECHO log underneath the stairs on the right side, while in the hanger.

ECHO log 3

Once you hear the final ECHO log, you learn Maurice was helping another passenger on your ship. Confused by these turn of events, Marcus needs time to think. Maurice reaches out to you and summons you to his location on the ship, on the top floor, to speak with him. He wants you to choose one of the three gifts to give to Marcus to ensure he means friendship. Which should you choose?

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Regardless of the option you choose, Marcus will believe Maurice is using it to kill him. He’ll appreciate knowing that Maurice is out to do that because he believes on the ship should be out to kill each other, and are ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Return to Maurice to report your success, and you will have completed the quest.