The convenience store part-job in Persona 5: Royal

Make some money when you’re not at school.

Image via Atlus

You need money if you want to continue doing battle against shadows and the other forces you encounter in Persona 5: Royal. You can earn money by selling the treasures you find in the game. Alternatively, you can spend your time working a part job when you’re not busy at school or developing your Confidant relationships. One of the part-time jobs available to you is working at the convenience store.

To start working at the convenience store, you need to locate a newspaper advertisement for it in the Underground Passage of Shibuya. You can start working at this position after April 18, which only works in Royal. You can earn 3,500 Yen for working there, and if you work there during a busy shift, you earn 7,400 Yen. You can only do a shift during the daytime.

After working here for at least two times, you learn about a potential lead at the store. When you visit it the third time, you receive information about a quest you can do in Mementos called “Calling for Justice for Cats.” You will need to go down to the Mementos to complete it, which gives you an item after you defeat the boss for the event.

You have the opportunity to improve your charm during special events at the store, and you can potentially run into Confidants who visit you. If you find them, you have the chance to increase your bond levels with them. There’s no difficulty with working the job like there is with the Beef Bowl, making it a bit more straightforward for those who want a safe method of acquiring money.

The convenience store job is a fairly easy job to do. But you don’t want to spend all of your free time there. If you don’t have any options to hang out with Confidants, and you need money for items to take to your next palace, it doesn’t hurt to spend an afternoon here, especially if you can work a busier day or during an event-time to increase your charm.