How to do the Crux Convergence Public Event on Europa in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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There are new public events for you to complete on Europa in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. This one features three large brigs, the new mech enemies you can battle in Beyond Light, land in the middle of the public event, and if you have to take them out. But they’re protected by a shield. We’re going to break down how to handle this public event and explain how to turn it into a heroic.

How to complete the Crux Convergence public event

As we said, when the public event starts for Crux Convergence, you’ll be battling against three Brigs among many smaller Fallen running around the area. You won’t be able to attack these Brigs as a shield protects them. To attack them, you need to find where there is a darkness Pyramid floating in the air, and there should be fortifications around it.

Make your way to the base of the floating Pyramid. You need to stand there for a certain amount of time to sever the Fallen’s connection to the darkness, and if you stand there until it reaches 100%, the shields on the brigs drop for a limited time, and you can attack them.

It doesn’t last forever. When the shields return, proceed to the next Pyramid spawn, and repeat the process over again. While standing underneath the Pyramid, the Brig will likely attack you with their large missile strike, and the Fallen enemies will swarm the location, so make sure to use those fortifications around it.

How to trigger Heroic public event for Crux Convergence

To trigger the Crux Convergence’s Heroic public event, while you are attempting to lower the Brigs’ shields, look to the Pyramid. There will be drones hovering around it. You have to wait until the drones are down and then attack the Brigs to take them out. You should be able to see when the drones are not operating. Once that happens, a Fallen Brigs will spawn, and you’ll have to fight a significantly larger Brig compared to the three you were previously battling.