How to complete The Party Never Stops in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Return the inspiration.

Image via Square Enix

The Party Never Stops is a side quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake. You have the option to do it during chapter 9 if, and only if, you complete the Underground Colosseum quest and make these choices:

  • Doing Johnny’s discovery event and choosing the “Yeah” dialogue option as the first reaction.
  • Talk to the man in front of the hotel and say “How much?”
  • Speak to the hotel receptionist at the Wall Market and say, “Yes”.
  • Meet the trio in Corneo’s mansion, and when Sam makes the coin flip, choose “No Deal”.
  • When you go to have a massage choose the cheapest one, the poor man’s course – 100G

After you follow all of those exact steps and then complete the main objective in the Underground Colosseum, you will gain access to The Party Never Stops side quest. If you don’t do these, then you can only do The Price of Thievery, and Shears’ Counterattack.

To start this quest, you need to speak to the Clothing Store Owner’s son. He asks you to grab his father from the nearby bar called the Drunkard’s Den. As soon as you leave the clothing store, Johnny rushes up to you to share his enthusiasm about how Cloud wants to save Tifa. He offers to show you around town and take you to the bar. Follow Johnny and then speak to him when you arrive. You can walk right in after the brief interaction, and then go to the right when you walk in to find the Clothing Store Owner.

The Clothing Store Owner sends you on a quest to reclaim his lost inspiration. You primarily follow the quest icon on the map, have a brief interaction at the location, and then move on to the next quest. You also need different leveed Materia to receive various rewards for each quest.

  • You speak to the Materia Vendor who has you obtain “The Sauce” from a hotel vending machine.
    • You get a Vitalbrew, Crimson Spike, and the Sauce with a Moogle Medal
  • You speak to the Restaurant Owner and choose any of the three options (all of them have the same dialogue result), but it all depends on the level of your Ice, Fire, or Lightning Materia
    • If you only have a level 2 you receive a Remedy
    • If you have a level 3 then you receive a Moogle Medal
  • You speak to the Pharmacist who has you deliver medicine to a set amount of people depending on your highest level Cleansing Materia, up to 3. You only need to give medicine to one person in the bathroom of the Drunkard’s Den to go to the next step, but each additional person gives you a reward.

After you complete the Pharmacist’s quest, he gives you the Clothing Store Owner’s inspiration, which is a VIP card for the Honeybee Inn. You can return to him at the Drunkard’s Den. After he’s back on his feet, you can head back to the Clothing Store Owner’s son to complete the quest.