How to duel a character in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 – all duel locations

Time for a fight.

Image via Gamepur

One of the challenges for the last week of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is to duel a character. This is easy to do, as long as you know where to go. Not all the characters that are available on the map will have the option to duel, so you will need to visit very specific NPCs to finish this challenge.

Below, you can find a list of the NPCs who have a single spawning and will offer a duel. This means you can go to them in any match and be guaranteed they will be there. We have left characters with multiple spawn points off the list, as it can be a waste of time to try and track them down.

  • Menace – Colossal Coliseum
  • Kondor – Misty Meadows
  • Brutus – Dirty Docks
  • Ragnarok – west of Holly Hedges
  • Kit – Catty Corner

Interact with the character then select the duel option to begin. Make sure you are armed, as you will need to eliminate the character and will be rewarded with a weapon that they drop. This will be pretty easy, but some of the characters have a lot of shields, so don’t take them lightly.

You can find the rest of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 15 challenges below:

  • Distance traveled through sand (0/500) – 20000 XP
  • Spend 5 seconds within 20 meters of enemies while sand tunneling (0/5) – 20000 XP
  • Spend Bars (0/500) – 20000 XP
  • Purchase item from a Character (0/1) – 20000 XP
  • Upgrade a weapon (0/1) – 20000 XP
  • Get Intel from a character (0/1) – 20000 XP
  • Hire a character (0/1) – 20000 XP
  • Duel characters (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) – 55000 to 22000 XP