How to dye armor in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Color your favorite equipment.

Image via Square Enix

The default color for many of the armor sets in Final Fantasy XIV Online may not be to your liking. While you might enjoy the natural flair and appearance of the piece, it might not match everything else you’re wearing. You can change this by merely dying the armor. You’ll want to make sure you pick up one of the many dyes in Final Fantasy XIV and apply your favorite colors to it, giving your appearance a much more personalized touch.

Before dying an item, you’ll want to make sure you have a dye color in your inventory. Many of these dyes can be purchased from NPCs across the entire game, but some are rare, such as the darker dyes. These are typically rarer drops and harder to locate.

When you’re ready to dye your character’s armor, all you have to do is open up your character sheet. From there, click on the article of clothing you want to dye with the right mouse button, and a drop-down menu should appear. One of the options in that menu should be the choice to ‘dye’ that piece of armor. Then, a new window will appear where you can select the dye you want to use.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When selecting the dye you want to give your armor, you’ll have a handful of default, standard colors that you can use on your armor. On the far right, there will be a small panel with multiple colors in it, and that’s where you’ll be able to select the more diverse colors for your armor. After you’ve chosen the color, you want to use on your armor, and you’ll see the dye requirements at the bottom. You will need to meet these requirements to dye your equipment and preview what that armor looks like, as that color will be in the right window.

Once you’re ready, select the ‘dye’ option on the bottom of this window, and the armor will become that color. You’ll have to go through this process for any armor piece you want to dye.