How to earn and spend Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy

Not the oil kind.

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Another of the seemingly endless currencies in Tower of Fantasy, Black Gold is nonetheless a vital part of progressing your SSR Weapons to higher star values. The first time you get an SSR Weapon — Samir, Huma, Tsubasa, Zero, etc. — they’re at zero stars and lack many of the abilities that will make them real terrors on the battlefield. While you could wait for good luck and hope for a duplicate SSR Weapon out of the Standard Banner, using Black Gold, you can buy that duplicate and level your Weapon up a star for certain. Here’s how that works.

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Earning and spending Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy

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Every Gold Nuclei you spend to make a gacha pull in the Standard Banner earns you a single unit of Black Gold. With those, you can buy elemental cores, Nano coatings, and other upgrade materials. Or, you could purchase duplicates of SR and SSR Weapons you’ve already pulled for an increased fee. SR Weapons cost 35 Black Gold and SSR cost 120.

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Spend your Black Gold on SSR Weapons only. Every ten Gold Nuclei you spend guarantees at least an SR Weapon, and you’re liable to have the six you need to upgrade a Weapon to maximum star rating just by playing the game and using Gold Nuclei. SSR Weapons are far rarer.

Don’t hesitate to upgrade your SR Weapons, either. If you pull one once it’s maxed out, you get one Black Gold instead of getting more upgrades. The more maxed SR Weapons you have, the more Black Gold you’ll receive for duplicate pulls. And that extra currency makes buying your next SSR Weapon in the Weapon Store that little bit faster.

If you’re playing the limited-time gacha event and earning Flame Gold, you’ll eventually be able to spend 120 units to guarantee the Nemesis Weapon. If you have any Flame Gold left over when the event ends, it will automatically be converted into an equal amount of Black Gold. For this reason, even after you have Nemesis, or whatever the limited character is, you can continue to pull for duplicates and for additional Flame Gold to convert later down the line.