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How to get and spend Nano Coatings in Tower of Fantasy

Nano Coatings, son!

There are dozens of different upgrade materials in Tower of Fantasy, and almost all of them come in multiple rarities. Improving your weapons and equipment is essential to progressing the story and taking on harder content, so you’ll need lots of mats to ensure all your gear is up to snuff. One such material is Nano Coating, and once one of your weapons reaches level 30 and above, you’ll need a lot of them to keep everything topped up.

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Here’s how to get Nano Coatings and use them to improve weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

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Sources of Nano Coatings in Tower of Fantasy

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Nano Coatings come primarily from weapon augmentation box I items, which you receive from the Interstellar Exploration, Dimensional Trials, and Omnium Beacon Select activities in the Adventure tab. You can also purchase them directly from the Weapon Store for one Black Gold apiece, and they’re a random drop from purple password chest II’s, which you’ll need Type II chips to unlock.

As the various Select activities require Vitality to access, you’ll only be able to collect them so many times every day. You are fine spending a few Black Gold, which you receive from pulling gacha banners with Gold Nuclei, to get some Nano Coating, but you’ll want to spend most of those on buying Weapons you already have to upgrade their star rating.

Using Nano Coating

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Once you’ve got some Nano Coating in your inventory and several Simulacra Weapons you enjoy using, it’s time to upgrade. Your first few weapon improvements will only cost Gold, Weapon Kits, and elemental cores. Once your weapon of choice reaches level 30, however, you’ll need to spend two units of Nano Coating in addition to elemental cores. Every upgrade after that requires one additional Coating until you need to start fusing Coatings to higher rarities.

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Fusing four blue-rarity Coatings nets you a single purple-rarity Coating, and it takes five purple Coatings to make a single yellow one. In short, you’ll need dozens, if not hundreds, of Nano Coatings to fully upgrade your best gear.

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