How to earn cash fast in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Plunder

Win the game by having the most cash at the end.

Cash is the name of the game in Plunder, a game mode that released alongside Call of Duty: Warzone. In it, you and your squad need to work together to gather up as much cash as you can find on the map, deploy it out of the zone, and stay on top of the other teams doing the same thing. You have multiple methods to earn cash in this game mode, and some techniques are quicker than others.

Contracts are by far the fastest and most efficient method of earning cash quickly in Plunder. Ideally, you want to do scavenger or secure contracts. You could do the bounty ones, but those put you in direct contact with other players. Because earning cash is your primary goal in the game, avoiding conflict is probably your best course of action. Completing a contract efficiently nets you 40 to 60 thousand every time. Finding them can be a little tricky, though. They don’t show up too frequently like they do in the battle royale Warzone game. Regardless, prioritize these objectives. 

Caches are another efficient method of earning cash while roaming around Plunder. Unfortunately, most of these locations will have been looted during the first portion of the game, and they don’t refresh. You want to find suitable locations when you first spawn into the game to loot as many caches as possible, grab the money, some decent weapons, and then start looking for any contracts nearby you and your team. Caches are all over the map inside of buildings and structures. Make sure to explore as many buildings as you can, even if those locations already have their doors open. 

The two best methods boil down to consistently exploring the map and staying on the move. Yes, you can earn money by taking out other players and looting it off them. However, it has the most risk associated with it. If you continue to stay on the move during the game, avoiding as much combat as possible, you can effectively earn cash at a reliable rate. For those who get lucky, you can locate the skill that allows one of your teammates to summon a cash balloon. It will enable you to load up your cash into the balloon to then safely extract. The downside is it has a cooldown, and it has a limit on how much money you can load into it, unlike the larger helicopters you can summon.

Engaging hostiles is not the end of the world, but it comes with the most risk. Ideally, you and your team are exploring the map, taking contracts, and looting every cache you come into contact with. At the end of the game, you want to take down the players with the most cash, but if you have the most money, most of the players will be targetting you.