How to earn Coins in Sonic Origins

Who needs rings when you have coins!?

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Sonic Origins brings back Sonic the Hedgehog’s iconic first set of games that not only made a name for the blue blur but also helped make Sega a name that could go head-to-head with Nintendo. Nowadays, things are quite different, but the games are still greatly beloved. For the most part, games are the same, but new features have been added, including the presence of Coins as an in-game currency. Here is how to earn more coins in Sonic Origins.

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How and where to get more Coins in Sonic Origins

There are quite a few ways to gather Coins in Sonic Origins. While playing in any of the game’s four-anniversary titles, Coins have taken the place of extra lives, so you get more by accumulating 100 rings, building up a score of 50,000, and breaking item boxes that would normally be 1-Ups but now have Coin symbols on them. Those boxes are in the same location that the 1-Ups used to be.

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Additionally, you can get Coins by playing through Sonic Origins’ Mission Mode. Each game has a setlist of missions for you to complete that reward you with Coins depending on the difficulty and rank you get at the end. This is probably the best way to amass a lot of Coins in a short amount of time.

Where and how to spend coins in Sonic Origins

Now that you have Coins, there are a couple of things you can spend them on. If you are in the Anniversary Mode of one of the games, you can spend one Coin to give yourself another chance at completing a special stage instead of being kicked out. Also, in the Museum, you can tab over to the Premium Collection in any of the Sounds, Illustrations, or Movies channels and purchase rewards there.