How to earn Credits in Starbase

Shortcut to getting rich in Starbase.

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Credits will be required in every aspect of your venture in Starbase. The in-game currency is necessary for a smoother progression that includes buying new weapons and spaceships. That said, farming credits can be a daunting task in Starbase. You need to mine several ores, and it involves redoing the same process again and again.

How to earn Credits

Image via Frozenbyte

Mining is the most basic and common method for earning Credits in Starbase. You can start mining as soon as you enter the game without any additional help or heavy machinery. Just use your pickaxe and start chipping away any rock you come across. You can sell ores in Auction House once you’ve obtained them. Keep in mind that different rocks yield different ores, and their market worth varies as well. You can check the value of each ore by opening the Auction House menu through settings. To encounter rarer ores, you need to travel deep into the space; however, this can be risky as you’ll be farther away from the safe zone.

Although mining will most likely be the primary source of your income, you can also take up a repair or destruction job to earn some extra cash. That said, much like mining, this is a tedious process that can become mundane after a while.