How to evolve Pumpkaboo into Gourgeist in Pokémon Go

What’s the best way to evolve Pumkaboo into Gourgeist?

Image via Niantic

Pumpkaboo in Pokémon Go evolves into Gourgeist. There are four different sizes for Pumpkaboo, but each has the same evolution requirements as the others. There are two ways to go about evolving your favored Pumkaboo into a Gourgeist, but one of the methods is a questionable choice that you want to be careful about choosing.

The standard method to evolve a Pumpkaboo into a Gourgeist occurs when you want to give it 200 Pumpkaboo candy. You’ll have to earn this candy by capturing and transferring Pumkaboo, completing quests to earn Pumkaboo candy, or by using rare candy on it. All of these methods take time, though.

The alternative method is to trade a Pumkaboo to another trainer. When you trade it, the person who receives the Pumkaboo will evolve, becoming a Gourgeist. So if you want a Gourgeist, you need to recruit a friend to capture one for you and transfer it to you. However, the downside to this is when you trade a Pokémon to another trainer, the stats of the Pokémon change. There’s a higher chance for Pokémon with better stats to become worse when the trainer receives it.

Of the methods, we recommend trading to another trainer if you both have a Pumkaboo with low stats. If you capture a Pumkaboo with perfect IVs, you’re better off waiting until you receive all 200 Pumkaboo candies to evolve it yourself.