How to farm Bozjan Clusters in Final Fantasy XIV

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Image via Square Enix

Bozjan Clusters are a currency you earn in Final Fantasy XIV’s Bozjan Southern Front. There are two ways to obtain this currency by participating in the Bozjan Southern Front. If you go with the farming method, you can earn the Bozjan Clusters at a much faster rate than you normally could by naturally leveling through the area or killing many of the standard enemies in the area. You also want to make sure you’re roaming around this area with a full group of eight party members, with one tank, several DPS classes, and a pair of healers to keep everyone standing.

How to farm Bozjan Clusters

The basic way everyone can earn the Bozjan Cluster is by leveling up their Resistance Rank. The higher your Resistance Rank, the more areas open up in the Bozjan Southern Front, giving you more locations to explore. When you reach rank five, all players receive penalties when incapacitated at any time during the instance. This is the more basic and slow method to farm Bozjan Clusters.

The much faster way is to seek out 4th Legion minions. These minions typically have a fairly low chance of dropping them, around 15 to 20%. There are stronger versions out there, namely any 4th Legion enemy that is rank three or higher. You can see the enemy’s rank on the right side of their nameplate, and some of the best enemies to farm for Bozjan Clusters are the 4th Legion Death Claw and 4th Legion Roaders. These creatures have a much higher chance to have these items on their loot tables, increasing your odds of regularly finding Bozjan Clusters. You can get a majority of them in the Southern Entrancement, closer to the east side.

You won’t be able to farm this area by yourself. You primarily want to go in with a four to six party group to be able to handle these minions in regular rotations.