How to Farm Fragor Prime Relics In Warframe


Fragor Prime offers higher base damage and critical chance, but slower attack speed, when compared to the standard Fragor. Most builds should seek to take advantage of the Fragor Prime’s passive, which gives an initial combo count of 30. The Melee 3.0 changes have really made this an attractive option for people who like to put out maximum damage in just a few swings.

To build the Fragor Prime, you will need the main blueprint, one Handle, and one Head.

Fragor Prime Relics

The critical thing about farming for Primes is knowing which Relics to look for while playing the game. The following Relics contain the various components you need to build Fragor Prime and the rarity of the component.

  • Blueprint – Axi A7 – Uncommon

  • Handle – Lith V8 – Uncommon

  • Head – Lith V7 – Common

Fragor Prime Relic Farming

These Prime Relics are earned differently to most Primes in the game. You can get them from completing missions in the Void, The Plains of Eidolon, or Orb Vallis.

For the Void mission, just load into the missions as usual through your Navigation screen. When you complete a rotation, you will have the chance to receive one of the unvaulted Relics as a reward.

For The Plains of Eidolon, visit Konzu to see the available missions, and pay close attention to the Relics they can drop, as these will rotate. For Orb Vallis, visit Fortuna and speak with Eudico. Once again, she will have a list of Bounties available, and you can earn the Relics as rewards from finishing steps in the Bounties.

You will need to grind the Bounties until you have Relics for all the parts that you need, then unlock them by running Void Fissures. Once you have all the pieces, you can build your new Prime in the Foundry.

There you go Tenno, now should have no problem farming those Fragor Prime Relics. Best of luck.