How to farm gold quickly in Marvel Future Revolution

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Although readily available, gold can be a hassle to farm in Marvel Future Revolution. It is a crucial resource that is required for almost every action in the game. As players progress through the game, the gold cost for each step becomes significantly higher, and players are often left with only a meagre amount. That said, there are methods present that will allow players to farm gold quickly.

Overnight auto farming

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Arguably the best method to acquire a massive chunk of gold in the game is by leaving it on auto mode for an extended period. Simply go to a mob that you can comfortably clear on auto mode without running out of health or needing to use a medkit. Once there, activate the auto mode, followed by the sleep mode, which can be done through the main settings.

The game visual will disappear after you enable sleep mode, and a new screen with the text “In Auto Battle” will show. You can now keep your device aside as the game will auto progress and continue to farm gold until you turn off the sleep mode. This method is very effective as it allows you to farm gold without putting in any effort. However, as mentioned before, do not use the auto-battle and sleep mode option in a region which is tough to clear as you will die once your hero runs out of medkits.

Dismantling low-grade Badges

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Badges are used for boosting hero stats in Marvel Future Revolution. They range from 1 to 6 stars, with 6 being the most potent. You’ll acquire different Badges from various missions, regular mob clearing, and special challenges. Even though you’ll start with low-grade Badges, as you progress the game, the quality of the Badges will also increase. In that case, you can dismantle redundant Badges, which will yield a small chunk of gold. The general rule of thumb is to dismantle every 1 and 2 Star Badge(redundant) and hold onto the rest. Although the amount of gold you get by dismantling a Badge is meagre, it accumulates into a significant amount over time.

Clearing daily challenges

Marvel Future Revolution rewards players who are consistent and play the game daily. There are multiple daily challenges that players can clear to get additional rewards, including a ton of gold. Blitz Battle, Most Wanted, Dimension Duel, Special Operations, and Omega War reset daily, and so do their rewards. Try to clear these challenges regularly, and you’ll be able to gather a lot of gold quickly.