How to farm XL Candy and XL Rare Candy in Pokémon Go

Time the grind for more candy.

Image via Niantic

The grind for XL Candy and XL Rare Candy is real in Pokémon Go. Trainers who want to plan to reach level 40 and expand their Pokémon Go team to make them even stronger must use this new item. While a Pokémon’s regular candy is also required, they also require XL for anything beyond the standard cap. Here are some of the best ways to add them to your bag.

Catch and transfer every Pokémon

One way you can earn XL candy is by turning 100 pieces of a Pokémon’s candy to make a single one. So you want to catch and transfer a specific Pokémon as much as you can, which means going out to use lures, fighting them in raids, or only using your Poké Balls on them whenever you see them in the wild. The more often you focus on them, and only them, the more chances you have to acquire their candy.

Trading Pokémon with other players

Another way you can earn XL candy is by trading the same Pokémon with other trainers. Players have reported they’ve received XL candy when trading the same Pokémon with others, so it might be worth your time to exchange extra Pokémon that you have that you need XL candy for. We don’t know if it works all of the time. The time we have seen it work occurred when trainers exchange the same Pokémon type, so both players may need to exchange the same one for it to work.

Catching legendary Pokémon

For those who engage in five-star raids, when you capture the legendary Pokémon at the end of the battle, there’s a chance you can receive it as a reward. This can be tedious and can take some time, depending on how many remote raid and raid passes you have to your name. The more you have, the more often you and your friends can work together to take down these powerful Pokémon. The legendary Pokémon raids change out who’s being featured fairly regularly, so it helps to have various powerful Pokémon to take down any challenge you might face.

Hatch eggs

When you hatch an egg, there’s a chance the Pokémon might have an XL candy inside. Supposedly, players might receive 16 XL candy for five-kilometer eggs and 24 XL candy for 10-kilometer, so you want to focus on these two types of eggs and stay away from the smaller one. Because it requires so much walking, make sure you have multiple eggs in incubators if you have them and always have one active, especially if you’re out capturing Pokémon to grind XL candy.