How to fast travel in Diablo Immortal

I’ve seen this place before.

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Moving around large areas in video games can often be slow and tedious. With worlds continuously getting larger, getting from one place to another has taken a sharp dip in the express lane. That is why we all love fast traveling so much. In seconds, you can load your game into a completely different part of the map without the slog of walking 500 miles. If you want to get around Diablo Immortal quicker, here is how to fast travel.

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Unlock Waypoints to fast travel in Diablo Immortal

Before you can fast travel to an area, you will first need to progress the story to go to that area. At that point, you will need to reach one of the game’s waypoints. These are located in small villages and watch areas, so you have likely located a waypoint if you see any civilians around. You can open your map and see where all Waypoints are located at any time. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, just walk over to it, and the game will let you know you can use it.

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Now that you have the Waypoint unlocked, just open the map and select the Waypoint to teleport there. Also, if you choose the small blue portal in the bottom right, you can open up the nearest safe zone that you can fast travel to. Like in the past Diablo games, doing this fast travel will require you to charge it up for a few seconds, so don’t try and do this with enemies around, or they will interrupt it.

If you have selected a part of the map that does not have a waypoint, you can set your character to auto navigate to that location. If needed, the game will fast travel your character to a nearby Waypoint to make the travel take less time.