How to fast travel in Halo Infinite

Get around quickly.

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

Halo Infinite takes place on a pretty large map, so players might be curious if they can fast travel. Thankfully, the answer is yes, but in a somewhat limited capacity.

Players can fast travel to any Forward Operating Base on the map, as long as they control the FOB. The first thing you will need to do is locate the red FOBs on your map and take them over. This involves killing any enemies in the area, then interacting with a central console on the main FOB platform. You will not be able to do the last step until all enemies in the area have been taken out, so make sure you track them all down. The minimap will help with this.

Once that has been done, players can then open their map and hover the cursor over the FOB, or any other FOB that they have taken over the course of the game. At the bottom of the screen, they will see a prompted button that will then allow them to fast travel to that location.

FOB can be used to change your loadout and spawn vehicles that will allow you to get around the map quicker. It is not possible to fast travel to any other location on the map, players are limited to fast traveling to the FOB only.