All Disney Dreamlight Valley Critter Companions Ranked

Life’s more fun with a companion around.

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While there are many cute things in Disney Dreamlight Valley, animals take over that category pretty soundly. If you need a cute critter to follow you around, you’re in luck. While you can simply visit some of the cutest and most iconic characters in the game, sometimes it’s nice to have a companion following you around wherever you go.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have a choice of multiple critters to sift through, including one you may recognize from Moana. In this article, we’ll be ranking all the creatures you can find in the wild to follow you around in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as well as one of the best quest pets around that you can get in the game.

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9. Sunbird

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By far one of the most colorful critters you can take along with you, the Sunbird comes in various vibrant colors. If you want to find one of the five variations out there of the Sunbird, you can find them in the Sunlit Plateu. These birds are, when compared to other animals, not very shy. Just as long as you get close to them with the food they like, you should be able to easily convince one to come along and join you.

As opposed to other critters that are running around, the Sunbird has different favorite foods depending on the color. Gold Sunburds like Orange Houseleeks, Emerald Sunburds like Green Passion Lillies, and Rising Penstermons. Red Sunbirds enjoy Red Bromeliads and Turquoise Sunbirds like Pink Houseleeks and Blue Passion Lillies.

8. Rabbit

Image by Disney

If you want a rabbit, you can find any of the five variations at Peaceful Meadow. These critters are a bit more skittish; they’ll run away initially if you approach them. However, shortly after skedaddling, they’ll jump up and down, and if you do this approach run away process three times, they’ll finally warm up to you. That’s your opportunity to feed them anything they like, or better yet, their favorite food. Any veggie will do for a hungry rabbit. As you may have already guessed, their favorite food is carrots.

7. Squirrel

Image by Disney

If you want a squirrel, finding them is relatively easy. Unlike rabbits, they’re all around the Plaza and are eager to get to know you. They’ll run right up to you if they’re hungry. If you want to make sure they get what they like, any fruit or nut will be good for them. Peanuts are their favorite food, though, so if you really want to knock it out of the park, keep some on hand. Squirrels come in five colors: brown, gray, black, red, and white.

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6. Raven

Image by Disney

Ravens are almost the exact opposite of squirrels, being the most picky eaters around. Found in the Forgotten Lands, ravens are big birds that are slower and less colorful than sunbirds. While they don’t mind what it is exactly that they eat, whatever it is, it needs to be a 5-star meal. Ravens come in more than a few colors: black, white, blue, brown, and red. While feeding a raven to gain their favor can be a bit of an ordeal, they do drop a Motif every time they eat. So, if you need to collect more of those for your clothing endeavors, making friends with the ravens is a decent strategy.

5. Raccoon

Image by Disney

If you want to look a bit like Pocahontas, the raccoon in Disney Dreamlight Valley looks a whole lot like the companion from the movie. At least, the grey version does. The raccoon comes in five colors, just like many of the other animals, with just a few exceptions. You can find raccoons in a black, almost calico patterning, blue, grey, red, and white, all within the Forest of Valor.

Befriending a raccoon is a little more nuanced because they like to play something akin to Red Light Green Light with you before you can feed them. When approaching a raccoon, wait until they’re looking away from you. When they lift their head to look around, stop, and only proceed forward once they’ve lowered their head. Continue to do this until you’re close enough to offer your delicious goodies. They prefer berries, but blueberries are best if you want to get any shade of trash panda on your side.

4. Turtle

Image by Disney

If you want a turtle friend, you can find any of their colors on Dazzle Beach. They come in five shades: black, brown, purple, white, and green. Getting one to warm up to you is a simple matter. Just approach it, let it retreat into its shell, and offer food once the little one is ready. Any fish will do for a hungry turtle, but the favored food to offer is seaweed.

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3. Fox

Image by Disney

For a charming little fox pet, you need to go to Frosted Heights and keep an eye out for your colorful friend. And foxes are certainly colorful, with the options of black, blue, red, pink, and white. Although in-game, the red fox is called Classic, while the pink one is called Red. Foxes are pretty easy to please. They’ll follow you around and bark, almost as if demanding to be fed. They like salmon, but their favorite food is white sturgeon.

2. Crocodile

Image by Disney

To get yourself a cute little crocodile, you only need to go down to the Glade of Trust. You can find them in scaly suits of green, yellow, blue, pink, red, and white. They like herring, squid, but ultimately prefer lobster over everything else. Getting close to a crocodile is similar to how you get close to a raccoon. Make sure to stop when they raise their heads and only move when their heads are lowered.

1. Pua

Image by Disney

The most unique pet on this list is Pua, the cute pig from Moana. This little guy is Moana’s companion but can be yours if you get her friendship up to level 6. Once you’ve done that, complete the quest The Remembering to unlock Pua as a companion option. Pua acts just as you saw them in the movie, trotting along behind you and being generally more adorable than anything else around.