How to fight revenants in Nioh 2

Take on players who perished along your path.

While playing Nioh 2, you will likely notice there are several red graves scattered throughout your journey in the game. They have a sword in them, highlighted by bright reds along your path. You may see blue ones, but these will assist you. When you approach them, you have the option to engage in a revenant form of the person who perished here, as there were players. The revenants are potent adversaries, and defeating them provides you great rewards.

When you approach the grave, there’s a great deal of information available to you. You can see how the player died when they did, what killed them, the player’s level, and on the left side of the icon, you can see the type of potential loot you can obtain from killing them. Depending on the deceased player’s level compared to yours, you can choose to fight the revenant or not. If you do, it’s not a player on player fight, but an AI takes over for the player and has all of their gear.

Fighting and defeating a revenant is not easy. They possess a variety of weapons based on what the player was using when they died. They can have any of the available options, and they fight with the intensity of another player. You only want to engage these spirits if you’re ready for a fight, and have plenty of healing items on you. You can see how tough a revenant fight is going to be based on the number of swords next to its level.

After defeating a revenant you can freely loot them as you would any other enemy NPC. These battles are fun, exciting ways to engage in player versus player combat, with requiring two players to stop playing Nioh 2, especially if they’re in the middle of something or not expecting it. Plus, the additional loot to gain for defeating them is extremely helpful and a great incentive.