How to find a Dragon Tooth in Stardew Valley

Another useful recipe ingredient.

A new item you’ll be able to use on several end game recipes in Stardew Valley is a dragon tooth. You won’t be able to find it on the lower levels of the mine or in the skull cave in the desert. You will have to travel to Ginger Island, which is a location you’ll be able to visit once you complete the community center and all of the bundles.

There are several ways you can obtain a dragon tooth. One of the easier ways is to explore the volcano on Ginger Island. The island has 10 levels, and throughout those levels, you may find the skeletal remains of a dragon, and these bones are protruding out of the ground. Sometimes around these bones, you can find a sharp purple object that you can add to your inventory if you approach. This is the most common method to find a dragon tooth on the island, so you want to explore each level to locate these bones.

The other method is by taking out the creatures swimming around in the lava. At first, you will only see their shadows until they pop out of the lava and fire several ranged blasts at you. You can only attack them when they show themselves, and they have a chance to drop a dragon tooth after defeating them. But they do not drop often, so we recommend spending time searching for the dragon bones.