How to find Alien Eggs in Deep Rock Galactic

It’s time to dig through flesh.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Deep Rock Galactic has you perform all kinds of tasks in the deepest pits in space for your corporate overlords. Whether you’re protecting their interests or raiding a bug nest, it’s all in the name of money. In some missions, you’ll need to collect Alien Eggs, but there’s no easy way to find them. This guide explains how to find Alien Eggs so you can get out of those caves as fast as possible. 

Dig in the fleshy walls

Screenshot by Gamepur

Alien Eggs are usually found inside fleshy walls. These are the sections of a cave with eyes, tendrils, and look like they’re alive. When you dig into them, you’ll draw out all kinds of bugs that are unhappy about you going in to take their offspring. But, keep digging, and eventually, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Then, you need to pick it up and take it back to your drop pod, where you can safely deposit it away from the bugs.

Using your map, you can track the general area where an Alien Egg is located. This location will show glowing spots where an Alien Egg is meant to be, so you can then make your way to that location, look for the fleshy wall, and start hacking away.