How To Find All 5 Totems On Any Map In Dead By Daylight (Key Tips)

Totems appear in every Trial in Dead by Daylight, but finding all 5 on a map is tricky to do without every possible advantage and tip.

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Totems are a staple in every Dead by Daylight Trial, giving Survivors a way to boost their performance or earn Bloodpoints, but it’s almost impossible to find them all.

Regardless of the map a Trial is set on, unless an Offering or Perk makes a specific change to the rules, there will always be 5 Totems. While it’s a nice bonus to find one or two, some players just want to know how to find all 5 Totems on any map in Dead by Daylight. A tall order, but one that’s possible with the right equipment and Perks.

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How to Always Find All 5 Totems on Any Map in Dead by Daylight

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To always ensure they find all 5 Totems on any map in Dead by Daylight, players need to go into a Trial with the correct build and map knowledge. We’ve outlined the build we recommend below, but map knowledge is something that takes time.

There are a few places on each map that players will slowly learn have a Totem almost every Trial. One we always lean on is the hills. There’s always a Totem on or next to a hill in Dead by Daylight, players just need to seek it out. Likewise, there’s often a Totem on the outer edge of the map near a wall. It’s just a case of tracking it down.

If players want to find all 5 Totems without using items or Perks, they’re going to need to run around the edge to find the first one. Then, they’ll be able to run across the map and stumble into the one in the next tile since Totems spawn roughly 60 to 100 meters from each other in connected map tiles. This is extremely difficult, though, so we recommend using the items shown in the following build to find Totems.

The Best Build for Finding All 5 Totems on Any Map in Dead by Daylight

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The perfect build for finding all 5 Totems in any map in Dead by Daylight is as follows.

  • Item: A Map of any kind, but preferably the rarest, Rainbow Map. This Map has 20 seconds of use, tracks 3 objects by default, and allows players to track objectives, the hatch, the Killer, and exit gates.
  • Add-On 1: Odd Stamp – Increases the Map’s tracking range by 12 meters.
  • Add-On 2: Retardant Jelly – Slows the Map’s burning by 20%, making it last even longer.
  • Offering: White Ward – Allows players to retain their items after a Trial ends, so players don’t lose the best Map in the game if they want to try to find all 5 Totems again.
  • Perk: Small Game – Provides an auditory warning when looking in the direction of a Totem. This Perk can be paired with any others that make the character more comfortable to play as.

While using the items in the above build, there are two main things players need to do to track down Totems. First, they need to use their Map sparingly to look around them every time it’s active to see if any Totems show up in pink. If they do, players should run toward the Totem and stop using their Map to conserve its energy. They’ll easily find the Totem and can cleanse it before using the Map to find the next one.

Second, players need to keep an ear out for the scream that the Small Game Perk uses to indicate a character is looking in the direction of a Totem. It’s a subtle thing, but it’ll stick out in a Trial. If players hear something they don’t think fits with the Killer, a fellow Survivor, or the map, then it’s almost certainly a Totem.

The Small Game Perk tracks how many Totems players have cleansed. When they hit 3 or 4, it’ll become more difficult to find the remaining Totems. Keep track of which areas have been explored and run to those that haven’t if Toitems aren’t showing up while using the Map.

Finally, if an event like Haunted by Daylight is live, players should remember that there are ways to recharge the Map even if they’ve used it up. Summoning a Haunt in 2023 would give half an item’s charge back to players, so it was well worth doing for those looking to cleanse all 5 Totems in a map.

Can You Cleanse Boon Totems in Dead by Daylight

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No, it’s not possible to cleanse Boon Totems. These Totems are created by certain characters, like Mikaela Reid and Perks in a Trial. They show up highlighted in blue for all Survivors and will provide a buff in the form of various Status Effects and abilities. It’s not possible for Survivors to cleanse or destroy Boon Totems, though. Only Killers can take them out.