All Boon Totem Perks in Dead by Daylight

Use those totems to your advantage.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

For a very long time, the totems in Dead by Daylight could only be used by killers. These totems are known as Hex Totems. Much like regular Perks, they impacted gameplay but can be removed if a survivor cleanses the totem. However, once Mikaela Reid was added in October 2021, survivors are now able to make use totems themselves as long as the have the Perks to do so.

Totems used by survivors are known as Boom Totems. However, there are two differences between Boon and Hex Totems. First, only one Boon Totem can be up at a time compared to Hex Totems were a maximum of four can be up. Second, unlike Hex Totems where they impact the entire map, survivors have to be in their range in order to gain the bonuses of the Boon Totem. Currently, there are three types of Boon Totem Perks in the game.

  • Circle of Healing: Survivors within a 24 meter radius gain a bonus to their Healing Speeds. At max level, players will receive a 100% bonus. If players are not next to each other, survivors who are alone and are within the Totem’s radius now have the Self-Care ability, allowing them to heal themselves. However, they will only be able to heal themselves at 50% speed. Players with Self-Care already on their kit will still yield the benefits of the increased healing speed from the totem.
  • Exponential: Downed players within a 24 meter radius will gain a bonus to their Recovery Speed. This Boon also unlocks the ability to fully recover from the Dying State.
  • Shadow Step: Just like the other two Boons, if players are within a 24 meter radius of the Totem, they will gain the effects. When running around near the Boon Totem, players scratch marks and auras are hidden from the killer, making this perk great during chases.