How to Use Haunts in Dead by Daylight During Haunted by Daylight

Haunts are a Haunted by Daylight mechanic that not every Dead by Daylight player will understand right away.

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Haunts are a new mechanic for the Haunted by Daylight event in Dead by Daylight. They’re discarded souls The Entity has thrown away, but they can be useful to Survivors in a very limited capacity. Providing small boosts and buffs to help them escape the fate they once suffered.

Players can also use Haunts in Dead by Daylight during Haunted by Daylight to complete Challenges. But the specifics of how these spectral strangers work must be mastered through knowledge and gameplay instead of sheer dumb luck.

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How to Use Haunts in Dead by Daylight During the Haunted by Daylight Event

There are a few ways for players to use Haunts in Dead by Daylight whilst the Haunted by Daylight event is live. Before they can use them, though, players need to free Haunts from the Void. We’ve outlined how to do this, how Haunt uses work, and what players need to do below.

How to Release Haunts in Dead by Daylight

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To release Haunts in Dead by Daylight during the Haunted by Daylight event, players must collect Void Energy around the map during a Trial. This Void Energy then needs to be used to stabilize Rifts around the map. This will eventually open access to the Void, where players can go to find Haunts and release them.

Players will release Haunts by standing close to them while they have Void Energy. If they don’t have Void Energy, this won’t work. We suggest building up a tonne of Void Energy during the Trial, occasionally using a little to stabilize Rifts, before heading into the Void to release a Haunt with a glut of the stuff.

How to Have an Opposing Player Trigger a Trap From a Friendly Haunt in Dead by Daylight

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To have an opposing player trigger a trap from a friendly Haunt in Dead by Daylight, players need to first release a Haunt from the Void. This will cause the Haunt to appear on the overworld map. Players can see friendly Haunts across the map because they’re highlighted in white.

As the Killer, players can chase Survivors toward the Haunt to have them trigger it and receive a debuff that should allow players to take them down. As Survivors, players should wait for the Killer to chase them, then lead them to the Haunt to have it scare and stun them. The Haunts will disappear once triggered.

How to Gain a Boon From a Friendly Haunt in Dead by Daylight

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To gain a boon from a friendly Haunt in Dead by Daylight, players just need to walk over to them after releasing them from the Void. The Haunt will pop out of existence as they walk through it and give players a boost such as Haste. The effects aren’t amazing, but they do help players complete challenges, which is great for collecting every time-limited cosmetic.