How to find and defeat The Wren in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Follow the river.

The Wren is one of the several Dark Druids in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Wrath of the Druids DLC, another section in the Order screen that you will have to track down and eliminate. The first time you encounter these elite Druids will be during the story mission Potion of Blood after you’ve captured Cashelore Castle for High King Flann.

How to find The Wren

First Clue

There are three clues that you can unlock to find The Wren. The initial clue given to you by Ciara is that there are papers The Wren left behind near Port Auley, in an abandoned cottage along the shore. You can find Port Auley in Connacht, in the north of this region. It’s a Trade Post you can capture. The abandoned cottage is right next to Ballysadare River.

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The cottage is a red building right next to the Dock fast travel point. Head inside, and you’ll find a small stack of papers that give you further details about The Wren’s location. It details how “they meet with the leader of the Children of Danu on a small island in Lough Gara.”

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Second Clue

The next location you need to find the next clue is Lough Gara. It’s to the southeast of Kesh Corann, directly south of your current position at Port Auley. The clue clearly states that The Wren frequently visited the Children of Danu leader on one of the small islands, and there are several of them.

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The small island you need to find is the northern one, and it should have a large rock next to it, with the bottom covered in red blood and several ruins at the top.

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The next clue you find at this location reveals the identity of The Wren. It is Niamh, and they are a poet. You can find them at the festival in Rathcroghan, a city, Connacht, south of your current position in Lough Gara.

The Wren’s location and how to defeat them

For the final step, head on over to Rathcroghan, and before entering the city, go to The Order menu and mark your target. You’ll be able to find Niamh much easier in the crowds. They’ll be wandering around the location, acting like a typical NPC.

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You can follow them around the city and eliminate them how you best see fit. We recommend assassinating them to avoid any difficult conflicts against them. Once you’ve taken them out, you can return to Deirdre back at her hut to the east of the city.