How to find and reboot Feronnis Hulks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This hulk got smashed.

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The Feronnis are massive machines that power every Colony in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These gigantic machines are powered by their Flame Clock. When a Ferronis’s Flame Clock runs out, the Colony is destroyed, and the Feronnis falls to ruin. This guide will explain how to find and reboot Feronnis Hulks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Where to find Feronnis Hulks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Feronnis are giant mechs, typically seen from vast distances due to their overwhelming size. They stand front and center at the center of the Colony they provide power for. Finding an abandoned Feronnis Hulk is a straightforward affair.

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As pictured above, search for ruins and the rusted metal from afar. When one is within sight, one of your party members will let the team know a Feronnis Hulk is nearby. Approach the dead machine to begin the reboot process.

How to Reboot a Feronnis Hulk in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Once you have discovered a Feronnis Hulk, you must complete a few steps before they can be powered on.

Each Feronnis Hulk is infested with some local wildlife, making these broken Colonies their new home. You must initiate a battle and remove all the creatures inside the target area. A number will appear in the top right of the screen, indicating how many enemies are left to defeat. Each group of enemies will also contain an Elite monster, so use your lure to target the weaker targets first.

After all the targets are defeated, you must use an ether cylinder to power the Feronnis. If you don’t have any ether cylinders on you, you have to find ether channels hidden in the open world to harvest and gain some.

When a Feronnis Hulk is rebooted, it will be converted to a Rest Stop. Each Feronnis Hulk has containers packed with rare and legendary items as well. Each rebooted Hulk also contains a Fabricator that will be brought online. You can spend money at the Fabricator, which will give you a handful of hard-to-find materials based on the local region’s specialties.

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As you travel through the open world, keep a close eye out for ether channels and Feronnis Hulks. Rebooting each Feronnis Hulk you discover is key to grabbing some powerful items and rare gear in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.