How To Find & Catch Jormuntide & Ignis Jormuntide in Palworld

Palworld gives you the chance to catch Jormuntide in all its forms, and this guide shows you where you can find it.

How to find Jormuntide in Palworld

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There are multiple Pals you can find while playing Palworld, and Jormuntide is one of them. Not only can you find the standard Jormuntide, but if you explore the area enough, there’s a good chance you can find Ignis Jormunitide on your adventures.

There are a handful of locations you will need to visit to track down this creature, and it makes for an excellent addition to your roster. You’ll also be able to bring it back to your base to get work done for you, making life easier as you progress through Palworld and the various crafting projects. Here’s what you need to know about where to find and catch Jorumuntide and Ignis Jormuntide in Palworld.

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Where to Find & Catch Jormuntide and Ignis Jormuntide in Palworld

Where to find Jormuntide in Palworld
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The standard Jormuntide is a Water Element Pal, meaning you’ll need to wade through the vast ocean of Palworld to track it down. One of the easier locations to find it is not far from the starting point, by making your way to the northwest of the starting area, close to the Investigator’s Fork fast travel point.

This is a boss-level Pal that you can find in Palworld, set to level 45, making one of the more difficult Pals you can discover as you explore the game. However, it’s one you can encounter relatively early on, and you can easily struggle trying to force it in any of your Spheres. Some of the best ones you can find will be the Hyper and Legendary Spheres, and you can find these while exploring Palworld, or by crafting them back at your base.

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A normal Jormuntide is a Water and Dragon Element Pal to Electric and Ice Element attacks. You want to keep this in mind when crafting to help take it down, and when it’s weak enough, there’s always a good opportunity to try catching it. You can use a combination of both of them when attempting to take it down, but I found it easier to use Electric Elements when fighting it, though I did struggle against it several times.

Where to find Ignis Jormuntide in Palworld
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Now, there’s also the Ignis Jormuntide, an alternative version of Pal that you can find in Palworld. The Ignis Jormuntide will be in a different location from the standard one, as it prefers to be in warmer climates. You need to make your way over to the far west of your Palworld map to track it down, which means taking a Flying Pal to fly you there. These are standard ones, and not a boss version, which might be easier to catch. You can also find Warsect over in this area.