How to find Echo Shards in Minecraft

A crafting item add in Minecraft’s 1.19 update.

Image via Mojang

Echo Shards are one of the many items you can in Minecraft to use in your crafting recipes. This item was introduced in Minecraft’s 1.19 Wilds update, giving you the chance to locate in one of the two new biomes added to the game. Unfortunately, finding them is extremely tricky, and you might not have the best luck attempting to locate them. Here’s what you need to know about how to find Echo Shards in Minecraft.

Where to find Echo Shards

The only way to find Echo Shards is by first locating the Deep Dark biome. This is an area you can only find underground, typically underneath mountainous locations of your Minecraft world. You’ll want to bring plenty of protective gear and prepare for a fight. There is a chance Wardens can spawn in this location if you set off a Sculk Shrieker, and fighting against these foes can be relatively challenging. The Deep Dark biome will only be between the Y=-1 and Y=-64 coordinates.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

After finding a Deep Dark, you now need to go out of your way to find an Ancient City. These locations only spawn in Deep Dark biomes, and they appear as low as Y=-52. When you’re at a higher level of a Deep Dark Biome, you need to start digging and going underground to see if you can get lucky and find an Ancient City. There’s a chance you might find a chest while exploring these areas, where you can find the Echo Shards. These will only appear inside a chest, limiting how you can find them.