How to find hemp and get fibers in New World

The best materials to make clothing.

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There are resources for you to find all over New World that you can bring back to your settlement to use at the many advanced crafting stations available to you. Each of these crafting stations requires a different type of resource, and if fiber is one, you’ll be using it to craft clothes. You can find it from hemp plants. In this guide, we’re going to detail some of the better regions and locations you should explore to find hemp and get fiber in New World.

Hemp is a large, green bush with brown flowers on top of it. We’ve typically found this resource sitting in the middle of grass fields, with plenty of bushes around it. Like many of the harder-to-find resources, you might only encounter three to four nodes before having to look elsewhere. When attempting to harvest this hemp, you will need a sickle. Once the harvesting timer runs out, you’ll acquire fiber. The larger the plant is in New World, the more fiber you will receive each time.

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Hemp can be difficult to locate. We’ve been able to reliably find it close to Everfall, right around the city, and close to the Olcott Family Farm, to the southwest of Everfall. We’ve noticeably found it in grass areas, with several bushes nearby. You probably want to avoid forests and mountainous areas while looking for this resource.

We highly recommend exploring and keeping your eyes open while playing New World. Completing quests in regions, you find these more often gives you the chance to earn money, XP, and the resource when you find it along the way.