How to find hidden objectives in Godfall

Track them down.


After you finish some missions in Godfall you will have the option to explore the realm. This means you can wander around, gathering important resources, farming XP, and discovering secrets.

If you light one of the lamps in the area, it will challenge you to find hidden secrets. If you complete three of them, you can get some very nice rewards indeed. In this guide, we will show you how to actually track down these hidden secrets.

When you use your Spirit Vision in the game, it will highlight nearby areas of interest with a glowing yellow light. These can be resource nodes, chests, or other important items. If the “find hidden challenges” mission is active, you will also be able to see large red pillars of light. These are the hidden secrets. You will need to make your way towards them through the level, then complete whatever you find at the end.

The form these secrets come in can vary. Some will be a chest protected by enemies, others might be some kind of puzzle chests, while at one point we found a giant grab with a chest on its back and had to hit it until all the treasure fell out.

These hiddens can often be well spread out in a level, but they will populate in the same area the lamp is in, if you go outside that area you won’t find any. The thing to watch out for are place names popping up on the screen. If you see one, you need to turn around and head back to find any relevant hidden objectives.