How to get Crystalline Tear in Godfall

Beside the sea.

Crystalline Tear is an important resource in Godfall that you will need to build some of the Valorplates. You won’t be able to get it at the start of the game, so if you have been eyeing one of those fancy Valorplates, you will need to do the following to get it.

Up first, you need to play through the Earth portion of the map, up until the first boss fight. When that is complete you will be able to take on the challenge of the Tower to open up the game’s second Realm, Water.

It is only after you reach and start exploring this Water realm that you will be able to find Crystalline Tear. The resource itself appears on small nodes dotted all around the Water area. You can find them easily by using your Spirit Vision. Just like other resources, areas with Crystalline Tear will be highlighted in bright yellow light, and you can head there to find a node of Crystalline Tear.

It is a very common resource in the area, and each time you load in the nodes that you have already farmed will respawn again, so getting quite a lot of it is easy to do. You will need to be careful of all the new enemies in the level, however. This area is filled with crab-like enemies that will often congregate near the Crystalline Tear deposits, so don’t run in too quickly. Make sure there are no enemies in the area, as the Water Realm is more dangerous than the Eart Realm was.