How to find Holo-Chests in Fortnite, and what they do

Vault keys can now earn you a weapon of your choice.

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As if Chrome Chests weren’t plentiful enough, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 introduces players to an even better kind of crate known as the Holo-Chest. This type is guaranteed to hold Epic or better loot, and you can even choose which weapon you earn. Though, there are a few catches when it comes to opening and finding them. Here’s how Holo-Chests work and how to find them in Fortnite.

What are Holo-Chests in Fortnite?

The Holo-Chest is essentially a hybrid of a Rare Chest and a vault. They are always bound to lend you top-tier loot, though each will require at least one vault key to open. As for how it got its name, each one displays a hologram that indicates the weapon inside and its rarity before its opened. Best of all, you won’t ever find a Holo-Chest alone by itself, as they typically spawn in groups of four. So, if you dislike the weapon shown on one, you have the option to use your key on another nearby.

That said, we recommend hunting down two keys in a single match, if you find the time. That’s because there is a chance these chests are accompanied by an Exotic Holo-Chest, a crate which takes your two keys in return for an Exotic weapon of its choosing. The weapons offered at each group of Holo-Chests are at random, so some may find it best to hold onto their keys until they spot another set.

Where to find Holo-Chests

Not only do vault keys unlock Holo-Chests, they provide you the only way of finding them. After a key is picked up, you can pull up the in-game map to discover lock icons throughout each region, indicating vault and Holo-Chest locations. Although these are randomized each match, lock icons marking named locations and gas stations do tend to be Holo-Chests more often than vaults.

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If you’ve found yourself out of keys and in need of more valuable items, Exotic Weapons can also be bought from a few NPCs. This will require that you spend anywhere from 400 to 600 Gold, though it is certainly a faster way of building a respectable loadout.