How to find Iron in New World

Farm some Iron Ore to get your craftsmanship up in New World.

If you want to build up your craftsmanship in New World, you will have to make a lot of gear and items. There are many resources in the game that you’ll need to craft – some of them easier to find than others.

An important resource you will have to find is Iron Ore, which will help you make Iron Ingots. Iron Ore isn’t necessarily the hardest resource to find in the game, but it can be a little tough to find where to look. Not to mention the large amounts of new players that are also looking for the same thing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to get your hands on Iron, which is why we are here.

There are four locations that will give you a good chance of netting some Iron:

First Light, Wolf Den

Spawning at the First Light location, a nearby Wolf Den has an iron vein in it. If you look at the map, the Wolf Den is southeast of First Light. Just make your way to the Den, head inside, and you’ll find the vein. You should be able to get between 40 and 100 iron each time.

Monarch’s Bluffs Hamlet

The east of Monarch’s Bluffs Hamlet is a great spot to mine some Iron Ore in the early game. When you get to this spot, you can find a mining shaft that usually has two iron nodes you can mine from. Doing so will get you between 40 and 80 from each node.

Windsward, Dankfur Hollow

The third spot that you can find some good Iron is just south of the Windsward, Dankfur Hollow location. In this location are several nodes scattered around, which can net you a good amount of Iron Ore.

Leum’s Pick

The final spot is near Leum’s Pick, by the Northfork point of interest.

The final spot is near Leum’s Pick, by the Northfork point of interest. You can easily reach it by spawning at First Light, but be warned, the enemies in the area are around level 20. You will want to make sure you can handle anything you come across.

It is also important to note that Iron Ore weighs a lot, and it can easily cause your character to become over-encumbered. Just make sure to have a fast travel point set up nearby so that you can easily deposit your resources before going out and getting more.