How to find Iron in New World

Find iron deposits in New World.

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Resources are critical to have in New World, especially when working with the crafting system. You want to make sure you know how to effectively find all of the resources you’re hunting for and the best way to acquire them. Iron will be a crucial resource that you want to go after. In this guide, we’re to detail the best way for you to find Iron in New World.

Before you go hunting for iron, you want to make sure you have a pickaxe crafted and equipped. You can make a basic pickaxe at any campfire location you find within a city or at the start of the game. While standing there, bring up the crafting menu and create a basic pickaxe using these materials.

  • 1 Flint
  • 1 Green Wood

The best way to find Iron is to locate an iron vein. These will be a distinct, harvestable node that you can approach the chip away at using your pickaxe. They’re going to stand out from the standard boulder and flint nodes you’ve likely encountered quite a bit during the start of New World. The iron veins are very dark and are likely harder to spot during the middle of the night. Once see one of these, and have your pickaxe equipped, you can harvest them after the timer has finished.

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Iron veins tend to show up in the more mountainous regions of New World. If you’re surrounded by rocks and rough terrain, chances are you’re in a good spot to find plenty of iron to bring back to your local settlement.