How to find Oluwa Cave in Far Cry 6

Beware the ghost panthers.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Oluwa Cave is the location in which you can start the Treasure Hunt for the best stealth armor, Supremo, Resolver Weapon, and Amigo combination in Far Cry 6. However, it’s not a location you’ll see marked on the map. Instead, you’ve got to find it. This guide covers how you can discover Oluwa Cave to get on the road to all of this fantastic equipment for yourself.

Where is Oluwa Cave?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Oluwa Cave is located on the starting island, Isla Santuario, in Far Cry 6, just to the right of Gran Guerrero Mogotes. We were told about the location by one of the guerrillas at Carla’s camp, which caused it to be added to our map. However, you can use the image above to locate it for yourself.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you approach the location, you’ll follow a guerrilla path that leads to a dead end. You need to use your grappling hook to climb up to another ledge and finally find the entrance to the cave. Once inside, you walk along a short path before finding a note telling you what to do next.

This starts the Treasure Hunt for three Triada treasures across Yara. You’ll need to unlock the rest of the country before you can collect them, but once you do, you can travel directly to their locations because they’ll be marked on your map with Treasure Hunt icons. Bring all three Triada’s back to Oluwa Cave, and you’ll be able to claim the best stealth loadout in the game for yourself.